seismic flex assemblies

DME seismic flex assemblies offer an effective solution for seismic protection. These  hose assemblies allow piping to move in all planes of motion when seismic activity occurs and are engineered to meet your specific requirements.Consult a DME sales engineer for assistance.

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DM8267 180 Degree, Male Pipe Thread

DM8244 180 Degree Loop, Flange

DM8243 180 Degree Loop, Male Pipe Thread

DM8246 180 Degree Loop, Weld End

DM7335 90 Degree, Male Pipe Thread

DM7336 90 Degree, Flange

DM8240 90 Degree, Weld End

DM8264 180 Degree, Flange

DM8265 180 Degree, Weld End

DM8222 V-Shape, Male Pipe Thread

DM8223 V-Shape, Flange

DM8235 V-Shape, Weld End Pipe

DM8221 V-Shape Copper Sweat